It's time!
This morning took place the opening of the 4th International Urban Sketching Symposium in Barcelona!
It is gone for 3 days as expected!

I already came to Barcelona a few years ago, with some friends, but I think that I will discover the city under a different view, a sketcher view!
And thanks to this blog, I'll be able to introduce you to my experience, share you it as if you were there!

The Symposium program is dense and rich.
Every day: workshops, demos, readings and 'Open Drink and Draw' in fabulous locations!

Added to all this incredible atmosphere created by this gathering of Urban Sketchers from around the world, all united by the same passion!

Thanks to the instructors, we will be able to improve our practice sketches to addressing space, personal expression, light and shadow, and narration!
We can also learn "How to Make A Sketchbook", "Sketching with Dry Twig and Chinese Ink" and make "Digital Urban Sketching" and listen to a readings.

What more?
Let's go!

After a warm welcome to all participants (with a bonus, a gift bag filled with material to sketch! Thank's to the sponsors!), action!

Sketching on free sheet or sketchbook, on square or rectangle, we can play with the framework of the format.. Why not play by giving a constraint "part out framework"  this is proposed by Jorge Royan in his workshop, on size 7 "x 7" of the sketchbook offered by Canson.
15 participants in this workshop, a constraint, 15 surprising results!

For lunch we all  went together, we shared our experience of the workshop and more! 
Some do not loose their tools and draw between two dishes!

Just after the meal, there's a demo: "how to bring an album in various sketches done on loose sheets of the same size" by Choni Naudín.

The following workshop was: "deal with 3 shades" by Sagar Fornies. 
I lent the game and I borrowed 3 dilutions of a sepia ink one of the participant to the following drawings. 
Some have used 3 shades of watercolor or pencil, and so on… each its tools and each posture standing, sitting ... but all focused and in a good mood in the so beautiful 'Sagrada Família'!

The day is not over yet!
We meet for a 'Drink and Draw Open'! Very friendly!

I find it very interesting and rewarding to try, accompanied by instructors, different techniques, views, or materials, and practice sketching experience all day! It's worth its while, practice makes perfect!

Wait for tomorrow to continue as well, with the program "Rhythm in the City" by Inma Serrano,"Capturing Space through Form and Color " by Marion Rivolier…

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